Thanks to one of the movie's executive producers Carola Ash I'm able to give you a tad more info on Nat's latest film project Malice in Wonderland. The movie is currently in production and is directed by Simon Fellows (Til Death, Second in Command, 7 Seconds and Blessed).

The lead is portrayed by Maggie Grace (Taken, The Jane Austen Book Club, TV series Lost, The Fog, Creature Unknown and Murder in Greenwich). Danny Dyer stars as Whitey (The All Together, Straightheads, Outlaw, Severance, The Other Half, The Business, The Great Ecstasy of Robert Carmichael and The Football Factory). Additional cast members include Bronagh Gallagher, Paul Kaye, Matt King and Katia Winter and of course Nathaniel Parker as Harry Hunt.


The movie takes its inspiration from the internationally loved story of Alice's Adventures In Wonderland (original book by Lewis Carroll) in an original screenplay adaptation written by Jayson Rothwell and is the wildest, most contemporary interpretation yet, set in England. Malice is a rites of passage road movie with a sexy female lead. This version is aimed firmly at a global audience that is aware of its Lewis Carroll. Malice will tap into and build onto this classic, bringing a new perspective to those familiar with the story and an exciting adventure for others.


Alice is an American Law student in London. Knocked down by a black cab, she wakes with amnesia in a world that's more than a million miles from home - a wonderland of a different kind. She is dragged through an underworld filled with twisted individuals and the lowest lowlifes by the enigmatic cab-driver Whitey (formerly known as The White Rabbit). She needs to find out who she is, where she's from and use what wits she has left to get back home in one piece. Simon Fellows puts it this way: "I want to transport Alice and the audience into my version of Wonderland. A gritty world sometimes dark and sometimes light. A world full of texture, colour, strangeness, and constant contradiction. A sometimes bizarre place not too removed from somewhere we've all found ourselves lost in at some point or another! As the film is set during one night, I have devised a lighting approach that will add an immense dynamic to the photography. Each scene will have it's own unique hyper real backdrop generated by the combination of this lighting approach and use of the coolest locations. A whole bridge will be green, a whole street orange, the exterior of 'Hearts' nightclub bright red etc."   

As her adventure continues she'll learn that nothing is what it seems, realises that fate and life are terminally entwined, and finds true love lurking in the unlikeliest place. Along her way, she meets the characters from Carroll's book in all new guises. The Caterpillar is a drug dealer. The King & Queen are one character, a transvestite crime-lord. The Mad Hatter runs a mobile brothel. "Techniques aside, this film will be about the characters. It will be a roller-coaster ride for its central character Alice, and the audience. It will have a terrific pace and energy, with a sound and editing style that pushes this contemporary interpretation to the cinematic limits," explains Simon Fellows. "I will rely on the script's inventiveness and killer dialogue in bringing to the screen the imaginative visualisations promised. No UK film will have ever have looked like this."comic_01.jpg

Some characters help, some hinder, but as Alice struggles to find out who she was, she realises it's more important to find out who she wants to be. And who she wants to be with. In a world of permanent darkness, will Alice find light at the end of that tunnel she's in?

Thriller Malice in Wonderland's only female producer Carola Ash talked exclusively to Pretty/Scary about the adaptation and she indicated that fans of the original Alice in Wonderland will see their favourite characters contemporised. "All the characters from the book are there, but their names have been changed to present day. Like for example the White Rabbit is
Whitey, and he is a hip drug dealer. There will be surreal elements, as opposed to fantasy... The film will be dark, it does have its thriller moments... its gangland UK but its all good fun too."

People at Future Films are not worried about any competition with the Sarah Michelle Gellar film American McGee's Alice, which is based on the horror video game of the same name. "As far as I know," says Carola, "that's a very different film." It seems like Malice will be under way long before Alice is, and Maggie
Grace will be running from the Queen of Hearts early in 2009.

The movie is produced by Mark Williams and Michael Pierce of Pierce/Williams (Flawless by Michael Radford, Running scared by Wayne Kramer and Chaos by Tony Giglio), Albert Martínez Martín (Manolete by Menno Meyjes, Flawless by Michael Radford, Transsiberian by Brad Anderson, El Camino de los ingleses by Antonio Banderas, Goodbye Bafana by Bille August and Salvador by Manuel Huerga) of Future Films. The executive producers are Stephen Margolis and Carola Ash both of Future Films. Future Films was formed in 2000. It has offices in London and Los Angeles. The company works closely with an array of acclaimed talent including Bille August, Michael Radford, Antonio Banderas, Menno Meyjes, and Marc Evans. It most recently co-produced Goodbye Bafana, which was nominated for a Golden Bear and went on to win the Peace Film Prize at the Berlin Film Festival in 2007.

The distribution company is 6 Sales. 6 Sales Entertainment Group was established in 2006 and is run by Marina Fuentes. The company is also co-owned by Enrique Posner, former General manager of Warner Brothers Pictures International Spain, and himself a producer with credits including Tie me Up-Tie me Down, High Heels and Uncovered and several others.


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