STOP AIDS - KEEP THE PROMISE. Today is World AIDS Day. Far too many have died, far too many still get infected, far too many became ignorant. Today is the day to raise awareness. Today is the day to lift our voices to show our compassion. AIDS remains an incurable world epidemic. Don't stay silent, take action.

World AIDS day has been celebrated annually since 1998.It is a day of solidarity with people with HIV and AIDS and with those who are close to them. Everyone should become aware that for them every day is an AIDS day.

AIDS organisations worldwide use this day as an opportunity for many events - from information tables in pedestrian zones to high class star-studded charity events. They present their work and ask for donations. If you can spare a dime, do, but more importantly - act whenever you can in whatever situation you might find yourself in.

World AIDS day, however, unfortunately is also still a day to remind our politicians (even in financially rough times) to asses their financial responsibility for an AIDS policy which respects the realities of the lives of those most heavily affected. AIDS has lost public attention and with that required resources which results in a weakening of promoting preventative measures, care-taking of infected people and finding a cure for this terrible disease.

We need to show our solidarity with people infected with HIV/AIDS, they must not be pushed aside and marked as a group of outsiders.They truly are a part of our community. We need to be responsible towards ourselves and our loved ones. For those who forgot: wise up & for those who are aware: stay safe!

Love life - fight AIDS.

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