Matthew Kelly once again played host to the Neuromuscular centre’s Christmas concert in Chester Cathedral on Friday 28th November, 2008. He was joined by a host of stars from television, film and stage, including Inspector Lynley star – Nathaniel Parker, Ian McNiece, Robert Glenister (Hustle and Spooks), Emily Brunei, and Jan Harvey.

Nathaniel was absolutely fantastic. He was very friendly, having photos and chats with all of our supporters, and was particularly fabulous with our competition winning primary school choir. The kids adored him. The NMC would like to say a huge thank-you to Nathaniel for giving up his time to be with us. He was a hit with everyone, and will forever be one of our very favourite celebrity performers to come to the event.




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Spirit of Christmas is in its 13th year and raised almost 18K this year for the NeuroMuscular Centre in Cheshire. Matthew Kelly says “I really love this event. It really does get Christmas off to a cracking start. I’m very proud to be associated with it and the NeuroMuscular Centre, the concerts beneficiary which supports hundreds of families affected by muscular dystrophy in your area.”


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A huge "Thank You" to Leanne for helping us out with pics & words.

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