Just a small one but with very exciting news. I just had a great mail from WGBH's publicist telling me that there will be a detailed interview appearing on their site. Actually it looks like Nat will be answering questions for WGBH and it all will be going on-line on August 14, 2008. Please note that all given info is subject to change.

Errata: Due to a misunderstanding I originally spread the word about a Q&A where fans can participate. WGBH actually wanted to do mentioned Q&A format, but didn't have the resources. It will be a classic interview appearing on their site. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Splendid news for the crew of St. Trinian’s. Today the movie has been nominated in three categories for four awards: best comedy, best performance female (Gemma Arterton) and twice for best performance male (Rupert Everett and Colin Firth). As always there’s a strong competition in all categories.

You can be a part of the decision-making by adding your vote right now for your favourites via the awards’ website. Other nominees for best comedy movie include Juno, Sex And The City and The Love Guru. The National Movie Awards 2008 is voted for entirely by the public. Voting forms are available in cinemas throughout the UK from August 4th, 2008. The deadline for placing your vote on-line is August 17, 2008.

Reminder number one: As announced two months earlier on our forum, series six is about to be broadcast in the USA via various local PBS stations from August 10, 2008. Please make sure to check your local schedules for your PBS station.

And yet another reminder that WGBH is currently planning to sell the final series of The Inspector Lynley Mysteries (series six) via a  two disc DVD edition. It is currently scheduled to be out on the shelves on September 2, 2008. Various shops are now taking pre-orders, like for instance amazon. A new boxed set with all seasons is also due to come out.

So far it seems that this edition will be a region one encoded version with no extras on it. Please mind that all given info is subject to change and depends on the publisher's decisions.


As indicated earlier, War Requiem will have a re-release on DVD in the USA. Derek Jarman's masterpiece is a reminder on the the loss of innocence, the unbearable suffering, the nightmares, the tragic waste of life. It is perhaps the visionary director’s greatest film. As a testament to the futility of war it is a unique, unforgettable poignant and haunting experience.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary there's an intriguing new edition due to come out in the UK which includes interviews on the making of this movie with Tilda Swinton, Nathaniel Parker and Don Boyd. There will also be an audio commentary with producer Don Boyd.

Thanks to one of the movie's executive producers Carola Ash I'm able to give you a tad more info on Nat's latest film project Malice in Wonderland. The movie is currently in production and is directed by Simon Fellows (Til Death, Second in Command, 7 Seconds and Blessed).

The lead is portrayed by Maggie Grace (Taken, The Jane Austen Book Club, TV series Lost, The Fog, Creature Unknown and Murder in Greenwich). Danny Dyer stars as Whitey (The All Together, Straightheads, Outlaw, Severance, The Other Half, The Business, The Great Ecstasy of Robert Carmichael and The Football Factory). Additional cast members include Bronagh Gallagher, Paul Kaye, Matt King and Katia Winter and of course Nathaniel Parker as Harry Hunt.

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