Here's a quick update on one of Nat's latest projects "Malice In Wonderland". The movie is shortly described as "Alice in Wonderland on steroids" and stars Maggie Grace as Alice, Danny Dyer as the White Rabbit and Nat as - yes The King & Queen. Simon Fellows is directing this new exciting (and very grown-up) take on a children's classic. You bet it will be big fun.

Our new Alice is an American law student in London who is run over by a black cab. As she wakes with amnesia she realizes that she's moving in a world that's a million miles from all she knows: Wonderland! She's moving though an underworld filled with twisted characters and the lowest of lowlifes. An enigmatic cab driver (The White Rabbit) leads her. Alice will need all her wisdom and all the help she can find to get her back home again - and to save her own neck. 

This movie is still being in post-production and is currently seeking distributors. The sales company 6sales will be a part of this year's EFM Berlinale (European Film Market) which is running parallel to the actual Berlinale Festival. It is one of the world's biggest film sales events. This market is considered as an indicator of the mood in the international film industry. Keep your fingers crossed.

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