Hotel Babylon Series Three will be published in the UK on April 13, 2009. Nat was a guest-star last year on episode two (the title was: Is Love Really in the Air?).

He plays Alexander Crawfield a feared restaurant critic who can ruin a restaurant's reputation with a single bad review. As he returns to the hotel to cast verdict on new celebrity chef Otto Clark things are getting somewhat hectic in the kitchen of Hotel Babylon as well as the PR department.

Since Crawfield seemingly doesn't give a damn about manners and the fate of others, he's been pampered all the way - but that doesn't change his bad mood nor his determination to kill off everyone with his devastating sarcasm. What a charming man, indeed. Make sure not to miss Nat portraying a human failure par excellence - one nickname would be quite fitting; call him "chef-terminator".


This is a series called Hotel Babylon mind you; it's all about a luxury hotel with an eclectic workforce driving it along; Through a veil of consummate professionalism, the guests aren't privy to the murkier goings-on but let head receptionist Charlie be your guide to what no one else is meant to see; glitzy manager Rebecca keeps the hotel ticking along but isn't capable of balancing her working week with her home life; receptionist Anna has a seductive eye for the wealthier guests; concierge Tony can get you anything you need, just as long as you're willing to pay; and then there's the chambermaids - working on the front-line and seeing everything.

But if the staff aren't wacky enough, into their world come the guests; a mixed bag of millionaires, eccentric rockers and high class whores; a concoction of lethal and sometimes hilarious ingredients. This new DVD edition includes all episodes from last year which were shown on BBC One. You can currently pre-order with amazon, or within the next few days via BBCshop,, hmv and other UK retailers.

Here are more product details. Starring Dexter Fletcher, Max Beesley, Emma Pierson, Lee Williams plus a long list of celeb actors and actresses; directed by Julian Simpson, Andy Hay, Sam Miller. The region encoding of this edition will be region two and its complete run time is 472 minutes. As far as I can gather this DVD edition comes with no extras. 

Please note that all given info is subject to change due to publisher's decisions and may change anytime without further notice.


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