As we learn of Variety, the show business' leading gazette, the U.K. hit comedy which was made in 2007 finally found a distributor for the U.S.A. - Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Group. The company who has acquired U.S. video and TV rights to the U.K. hit comedy "St. Trinian's" from independent theatrical distributor and foreign sales agent NeoClassics Films has not yet announced release dates so far.

NeoClassics, which acquired U.S. rights to "St. Trinian's" from Ealing Studios in 2008, will distribute the film theatrically in the U.S. later this summer. The remake of the 1950s Ealing classic "The Belles of St. Trinian's" grossed more than $25 million in its U.K. theatrical run Variety tells us. Additionally it might be of interest to you that Spain will see a release from June 26th, 2009 and Italy from July 3rd, 2009.

Directed by Oliver Parker and Barnaby Thompson and starring Colin Firth and Rupert Everett, "St. Trinian's" tells the twisted story of a what some would consider dysfunctional British girls' boarding school and its equally twisted parents, teachers and administrators. Rounding out the cast are Russell Brand, Gemma Arterton, Lena Headey, Caterina Murino, Stephen Fry and Nat in a hilarious cameo stint. Ealing Studios is set to produce a sequel this summer, "St. Trinian's II: The Legend of Fritton's Gold."


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