BBC One Daytime commemorates the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War with this new five-part all-star period drama.

The new women's drama for BBC One will be broadcast from September 7th to September 11th, each day from 17:15 to 18:00 (GMT).       

Against the backdrop of war-weary Forties Britain, Land Girls is set on the Hoxley Estate, as the girls balance their working lives at the run-down Pasture Farm, and the opulent Hoxley Manor. Please read on if you'd like to get the synopses for all episodes - but be warned there will be spoilers!!!

The series is following the lives and loves of four girls in the Women's Land Army (WLA) in Britain during the Second World War. Land Girls will star Nathaniel Parker, Christine Bottomley, Summer Strallen and Sophie Ward.

The five-parter will see the girls trying to come to terms with the fact that their lives may never be the same again with the time, effort and stress of doing their bit for Britain.

Created by Roland Moore, Land Girls follows the girls as they adapt to their new surroundings, and knuckle down to some hard work - and play.

Episode One: Childhood's End

When Joyce, Nancy, Annie and Bea join the Women's Land Army (WLA), they soon discover that their decision to serve their country will change their lives for ever.

The four girls each have their own reasons for signing up - patriotic Joyce (Becci Gemmell) wants to 'do her bit', argumentative Nancy (Summer Strallen) is there under sufferance, and sensible Annie (Christine Bottomley) joined so that her younger sister Bea (Jo Woodcock) could escape an abusive father.

On their arrival at Helmstead, Joyce and Nancy face a terrifying ordeal on their way to the farm. Saved by the unstable Sergeant Tucker (Danny Webb), the girls are taken to the Manor House - where they meet Lord and Lady Hoxley (Nathaniel Parker and Sophie Ward).

For Nancy and Lawrence Hoxley, there is the instant spark of attraction. But will either act upon it? Meanwhile, with naive Bea is flirting with everyone. Annie wants her to tone down her behaviour - after all, they can't risk being sent home, can they?

Instead, Bea finds a new challenge when she tries to stop the segregation of black troops by the US Army. For Annie, it is the final straw and she forbids Bea from attending a forthcoming dance at the Manor House.

With Nancy refusing to share bath water with the other girls, she sneaks to the Manor House for a luxury soak. She hadn't bargained on Lord Hoxley bursting into the bathroom though…

As Bea rebels from her sister's control, she finds herself instead enthralled by a charming GI, Cal Gillespie (Christian Brassington). When Cal learns of Bea's plans to get black soldiers to attend the dance, he makes his own secret plans to stop it.

At the dance, while Nancy tries to get closer to Lord Hoxley, the black soldiers are ejected from the room. Someone tipped off the authorities, but who? Surely, it wasn't the charming Cal Gillespie?

Cal preys on Bea's emotional state and gets her drunk - with shocking results that may get Bea sent back to the nightmare of her abusive father…

Episode Two: Secrets

Bea has been hiding her pregnancy from everyone, including her big sister, Annie, for three months but now it's becoming increasingly difficult. When Annie forces the issue with her, Bea breaks down, admitting that she wants to lose the baby. Unable to have children of her own, Annie reacts badly and Bea runs off. Annie soon finds a contrite Bea, who wants to find a solution and keep the child, and, with the help of farmer's son Billy, Annie tracks down the father - an American GI who couldn't care less.

Meanwhile, Tucker is on the prowl for enemy sympathisers and has Nancy in his sights. With Esther's reluctant complicity in reading the girls' letters, it is soon discovered that Nancy speaks Italian. Tucker orders Esther to restrict her movements and keep her on the farm.

Elsewhere, farmer Finch gets involved in a scam to sell home-made carrot whisky as a delicacy to American GIs. Despite Tucker being on his heels every step of the way, with Martin's help, he is able to shift the lot for a tidy profit. But a mix-up with liquid fertilizer foils his plan and Finch has to retrieve every last bottle - except perhaps from the GI who dumped Bea.

Lord Hoxley's favourite horse, meanwhile, is injured and the vet advises it be put down. Despite his wife, Ellen's, opposition, Lawrence is determined to save his horse and recruits Joyce to help him suspend it to keep the weight off its feet. After a valiant effort they are successful, but Ellen is not about to let her husband win at anything. She plays on his conscience, forcing him to shoot his beloved horse. He realises too late, though, that she has been toying with him and that his marriage is over - driving him into Nancy's arms.

Tucker later finds Annie to tell her the devastating news that her husband has been killed in action.

Episode Three: Codes Of Honour

Three months on and Annie isn't dealing very well with Harry's death, as BBC One Daytime's five-part, all-star period drama, commemorating the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War, continues.

Annie is withdrawn and distant - and no use to Bea, who needs help in concealing her pregnancy.

Nancy and Lawrence's attraction, meanwhile, has blossomed into a full-on affair. When Nancy is treated oddly by Esther she suspects that Esther knows about the liaison. In reality, Esther is screening Nancy's letters for Sergeant Tucker, fearing that Nancy might be a Nazi collaborator.

With Joyce worried about her RAF husband, John, as he embarks on his first bombing raid, she is overjoyed when he appears in Helmstead. However, her joy soon turns to anger when she realises that he's gone Awol as he couldn't face his impending mission. Joyce, the patriot, has a dilemma - should she shelter her husband or turn him in? Love wins out and Joyce agrees to hide him in a barn for a few days ... on the condition that he turns himself in later.

Meanwhile, farmer Finch has got a black-market ham. But when his old enemy, Earnest Luckhurst, a food rations officer, arrives at the farm, Finch must stop him finding the ham, which might prove harder than anticipated as the ham has gone missing.

Bea's pregnancy is hindering her work but she can't risk anyone finding out. Billy helps her, but the relief is short-lived when Annie lets slip about Bea's "condition" in earshot of Esther...

And when things come to a head for Nancy when she is interrogated by Tucker, there are life-changing consequences for Joyce and John. 

Episode Four: Trekkers

After going Awol, Joyce's husband, John, is grudgingly saved from court martial by Tucker, as BBC One Daytime's five-part, all-star period drama, commemorating the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War, continues. Meanwhile, farmer Finch hires some "trekkers" - families displaced by the bombing - as cheap labour. Among them are brooding, burly Adam and his ailing, traumatised mother, Grace.

With her illegitimate baby almost due, Bea is in hiding in the farmhouse, and Billy is falling ever more in love with her. Meanwhile, Nancy continues her affair with Lord Hoxley and Annie comes to terms with the loss of her husband in North Africa.

Finch competes in a best-kept farm competition, nobbling the opposition by filling their barn with rats. He is also exploiting the trekkers to the hilt. Annie, compassionate as always, helps them out, gradually becoming closer to Adam. But when there's a break-in at the Manor House, Lady Hoxley orders Finch to get rid of them all. A riot ensues and Tucker gets the dogs out.

That night, the Hoxleys hold a party but, after clashing with Nancy over a visit to John, Joyce tells Lady Hoxley about the affair. Billy finally proposes to Bea but she goes into labour before she can answer. Meanwhile, Tucker corners Adam in a barn at gunpoint. Adam is full of bitterness and sorrow as his mother dies in his arms, just as Bea gives birth.

The party over, Lady Hoxley confronts her husband but is interrupted by a phone call. She goes to the farmhouse to pass on the news that Annie's husband has been found alive. Annie is shocked - and Lady Hoxley is too, as she comes face to face with the baby. 

Episode Five: Destinies

As new mum Bea prepares for her wedding to Billy, she discovers that Finch has doubts about her motives, as BBC One Daytime's all-star period drama, commemorating the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War, concludes. Would she marry anyone to avoid the shame of being an unmarried mother? Bea is outraged. But, when Finch puts the same doubts in Billy's head, it looks like the wedding might not go ahead.

Meanwhile, things have come to a head for Nancy and Lawrence - both frustrated by the limitations of having an affair. Pushed into a corner, Lawrence makes the life-changing decision to leave his wife. But Ellen won't let him go without a fight and she summons Nancy to the Manor House to make her an offer she can't refuse.

Annie reveals to Bea that she has been writing to Adam - the trekker - for the last three months and that they've recently slept together. Bea is shocked by her sister's secret - she's still a married woman, after all. Bea urges Annie to see her husband, Harry, and to make a decision about her future. Annie doesn't relish seeing Harry again, but she can't ignore the situation - particularly when Harry is brought back to a nearby British hospital. Will Annie choose her duty to Harry or her love for Adam?

Determined to leave, Nancy is shocked to the core when Ellen reveals Lawrence's dark secret. As Lawrence prepares to start a new life away from Helmstead, will Nancy go with him?

And when Adam's reappearance in Helmstead coincides with an explosion at the home guard meeting room, Sergeant Tucker is pushed over the edge. Certain that Adam is a collaborator, Tucker sets out on a trail of murderous revenge that will have shocking consequences for Nancy, Annie, Bea and Joyce.

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