The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader´╗┐ is due to come out on various international DVD editions after a very successful run at the international box offices all around the world, starting in the UK on April 18, 2011 as a region two encoded version.

The USA will see on a region one encoded two-disc DVD which will follow up shortly. There is no definite release date listed so far, but rumours have it to be coming out either the very end of March or early to mid-April.

Dubbed versions like the German DVD edition are due to hit retailer's shelves from December 31, 2012 according to current publicised information via outlets like

Rediscover Narnia with a brand new adventure, directed by Michael Apted. The third film based on C.S. Lewis's fantasy books opens three years after the Pevensie children return from battling to restore peace to Narnia.

This time, there are no wars to be fought in Narnia. But it soon becomes evident that the trio is destined to help King Caspian (Ben Barnes) solve the mystery of the disappearance of the seven lords of Telmar, and prevent the ongoing sacrifices of large groups of Narnian people to the evil green mist. Eventually, Aslan (voiced by Liam Neeson) will ask each adventurer to make an important choice that will forever influence his or her future. 

It's now ready for pre-order via various online outlets starting with amazon (UK) or play (UK). Please make sure to order the region encoding that's right for your DVD player. If you're living outside the region two realm please check your local resources for release dates and versions. DVDs that are linked to from this page will only play on European region two or multi-region DVD players! Please do also note that all given information is subject to change due to publisher's decisions.

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