Everybody's doing it and it's really a fine tradition to bid farewell to the old year and send out good wishes for the upcoming 2012. So be gone the old one, send in the new.

Thanks for all visitors and members of this site for dropping by, chatting and sharing their thoughts and give feedback regarding Nat's work. Thanks also for all those folks who prefer to stay in the background while they're secretly sending good vibes or simply lend a helping hand whenever and wherever necessary. Loads of hugs and love to you all and thanks so much for all your good wishes and presents this year. You rock!

A heartfelt Thank You also to the benevolent critics who with their creative nit-picking point out where things need to be done more professionally, nope be done completely differently in fact. You’re right. Undoubtedly. There will be solutions…  or at least we will install an automated spell-checker. One day we'll get everything right, but not next year. It'll be on the project schedule for 2013, approximately. Promise.

Last but not least, a cuddly Thank You to Nat for bearing with it all here and more than that for bringing joy with your work to so many. Well done to you. Agravaine is dead. So what! Long live… ??? One thing's for certain – you've truly got magic! Next year promises to become even more interesting and creative. We're all very much looking forward to that.

Everybody be blessed on all your roads, be good, stay sweet, drop by and mostly have fun y'all! And as for me, I'm wishing for that darned sense of humour I still lack…

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