Here's a short update on Paula van der Oest's long anticipated feature film on the economic crisis which is currently being distributed by Arri Media Worldwide.

The movie plot revolves around the effects of a world-wide economic crisis. Because of the credit crisis, the lives of different people at different places in the world are suddenly connected.

This is a series of stories about what happens when people lose their safety net, especially in societies where identity, and feelings of happiness and well-being, are strongly dependent on material and economic success.

People in different countries or continents might not seem to be interrelated but we are more connected than we sometimes like to think. The film is about dreams and desires, about loss and the fear of loss - and the importance of family and love.

The Dutch association NVB (Nederlandse Vereniging van Bioscoopexploitanten) currently lists the movie for a theatrical release in 2012 and various sources say that the film's status is now completed. It stars Theo Maassen, Jelka van Houten, Robert de Hoog, Bracha van Doesburgh, James D’Arcy, Harriet Walter, David Hayman and Nathaniel Parker.

The Original version which has been produced by Kees Kasander carries various languages like English, Dutch, Chinese (Mandarin) and Hindu. Running time is 120 minutes.

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