keep calm webmaster smallSo we're back on-line. Back to the future! One apparent thing - there's no new layout. Just a tad of new feel, so basically everything is where is was before. No need to search your heart out to find your stuff.

New stuff
I started two new categories in the clips section. One for the radio interviews and one for the audio-books. Oops and I found some nice pics on-line showing Nat practicing as a jockey for the mentioned charity race. It's all - well ya' now where it is... in the usual sections of this site.

The website has two new functions which you might find exciting. Firstly you can have the content read out to you loud. Nope not read out to by Nat... In order to do this please highlight some text and then click on the loudspeaker symbol that's popping-up.

Second one is that we now have a translator to the left of the website. This means that people who need it can have an (automated) translation to their respective tongue. I tried it for German and I'm sure that Douglas Adams' Babelfish is becoming very much a reality these days. The results are OK. Well sometimes it's a good laugh, but hey...

What else?
Navigation helpers, like scroll-to-top functions when pages are too long for one screen length and page navigation with titles. The latest clip can now be watched directly via the homepage view. So that's all for better usability mostly.

The website is now on a new platform and this is a long-term release (LTR). The next release is currently planned for late 2013.  See that's long-term in the eyes of software developers. Bless 'em.

Hopefully you'll find that the website is fun and keeps you updated. That's the main thing.

Cheers as always!

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