domino-effekt bigAs promised I'm keeping you updated on The Domino Effect which is now being in a completed status with a new running time of 98 minutes. The film which carries various languages like English, Chinese and Hindi (all with English subtitles) is distributed by German-based Arri Worldsales.

The company is at the Cannes Film Market, offering Paula van der Oest's dramatisation of the world-wide economic crises and its effect on families all around the world. Waht if global economy came to a sudden stop? What would be the effect on families worldwide? People in different countries or continents might not seem to be interrelated but there is more than meets the eye and we might be more connected than we sometimes like to think... There are no planned public screenings at Cannes and the movie is NOT running in any comeptition.

The Dutch film distributors' catalogue is also currently listing the movie for a nation-wide release and the distributor for Benelux states the actual release day will be on October 18, 2012. I shall try and keep you updated on further developments regarding international release dates or local re-scheduling as usual.

Please do note that all given info is meant to keep you up-to-date and all given info can be subject to change at any time due to decisions of production companies and movie distributors.

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