As one of our members made us aware on our forum, the DVD for the upcoming new TV sitcom Me & Mrs Jones is already ready for pre-ordering. Thanks for this hint, Net! There's no confirmed date for the actual TV broadcast as yet. Stay tuned for info on this.  The DVD will be encoded in region two, so please make sure to check your DVD player before ordering from overseas. So far no additional material has been announced. Please do note that the cover art is still to be confirmed.

Here's the synopsis of the scheduled DVD release: "Sarah Alexander stars as Gemma Jones - a divorced mother of 3 who leads a hectic life juggling working from home with looking after her twin girls and dealing with her child like ex-husband Jason and his demanding Swedish girlfriend Inca.

When handsome dad Tom asks her out on a date, Gemma is the envy of all the other mums in the playground but then her grown up son Alfie returns home from travelling abroad with his charming 24 year old friend Billy and Gemma finds herself, for the first time ever, with more than one possible love interest."

The UK edition will be out on October 29, 2012. You can now pre-order via the BBC Shop or amazon. Please do note that all given information is meant to keep you up-to-date. All scheduled release dates might be subject to change.

Update on September 8, 2012: the release date has been postponed to November 12, 2012.

Update on September 15, 2012: the release date has been postponed to November 19, 2012.

Update on September 18, 2012: the release date has been altered again, now it's back to November 12, 2012.

Update on September 29, 2012: the release date is now Nov 26, 2012.

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