Channel Flip is launching its first web-only interactive scripted entertainment series, in collaboration with Dell.

The 10-part science-fiction thriller, The Proxy, follows YouTube star Stuart Ashen as he battles against criminal mastermind Peter Baker, played by actor Nathaniel Parker.

Ashen must, with the help of other characters, unravel a mystery in order to save their lives. Viewers will be encouraged to participate in the web thriller via a competition in which they must help unravel clues featured in the story.

Clues will be dropped into each episode directing viewers to other places across the web where they can engage with additional content such as exclusive videos. Viewers must visit these sites to watch the videos and unlock a code needed to enter Dell's prize draw for the chance to win products and trips abroad.

Nat's addition to the Pushing the Envelope 2012 event is soon to be auctioned via eBay. The auction starts March 12, 2012 and ends March 22, 2012. The Pitney Bowes' Pushing the Envelope campaign is entering its seventh year - celebrities were invited to design an envelope, all of which are one-off original works of art which are then auctioned for charity.

All funds raised from the auction will be donated to the National Literacy Trust. The charity has helped to transform lives through literacy and offer those in the UK with poor skills the chance to gain greater confidence, employability and opportunities. Support has helped deliver on-the-ground projects in disadvantaged communities across the country.

The theme for 2012 is 'What inspired your success', the charity is looking forward to your support.

Nat's latest endeavour in the audio-book world is Mark Haddon's The Red House which is due to come out as a CD version on May 3, 2012 in the UK. You can now pre-order with or other online retailers in order to obtain your copy. The audio version is published by BBC Audiobooks Ltd, and the ISBN-13 is 978-1445864341.

Mark Haddon's latest novel is highly anticipated in the UK following his first two books A Spot of Bother and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. As our audio enthusiasts know Nat did a wonderful radio version of A Spot of Bother on BBC Radio Four in 2006.

The Red House deals with the enigma of modern family life. Richard - one of the books main characters - is married for the second time and invites his sister to a week in the English countryside. Being a well-off doctor doesn't really help Richard coming to terms with his new step-daughter, but his sister Angela doesn't actually have a picture-book family herself. The scenery is set for a turbulent family gathering...

Time to do it again. Really I should be doing different things, right. But the last major refurbish is actually two years ago. In virtual web-space that's a zillion years behind all that is cool and "nouveau". OK, that's an exaggeration. But our system needs a thorough update and migration procedure - call it whatever you wish.

This site will be future-proof for the next two years or something like that. In short - the site won't be discontinued nor is it "going down for good". So that's the techie part of my news. Here comes the ugly down-side.

The site will be off-line from April 2nd, 2012 for about two weeks. Since I'm not quite sure how it all will work out I tend to say that this is give or take, approximately, well it's a good guess.

nationaldoodledaylogo.jpg This year Nat takes part in the National Doodle Day fundraiser after his last doodle in 2010. National Doodle Day aims to get everyone doodling to raise money for Epilepsy Action.

National Doodle Day is run by the charity. In 2004 the first ever Doodle Day was launched to help raise funds and awareness of two little known and often misunderstood medical conditions.

National Doodle Day has been supported by a great number of celebrities from the world of television, radio, theatre, sport and the arts over the last years. All of this year's celebrity doodles will be auctioned via eBay to celebrate and support Doodle Day.

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