A tad late, but better late than… ah well. While the whole of Europe seems to go down in snow and ice I thought I just let you know how the My Family episode with Nat as a guest star fared on December 24, 2009 audience-wise.

Now since most sources didn’t say much about that day, I looked things up and did me some maths… heard that UK’s pupils sit GCSE, AS and A-level exams – my deepest sympathies and also fingers crossed for your way to your schools!

Seems that the show managed to hold position one for about half an hour in the time slot from 20:00 to 21:00 where it competed against ITV’s Emmerdale (5.92 million viewers), whilst it managed to hold the second position from 20:30 where ITV’s Coronation Street won with 8.45 million viewers. The My Family Christmas Special had an average of 6.03 million viewers tuning in which is a 25.3% share (approx.) of this evening’s audience.

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