The two initial shows on More4 and the repeat on Channel4 drew an average audience of just under 350,000. The debut on the evening of Sunday 17th January gathered 261,000 viewers (peaking at 290,000) with a 62% ABC1 audience while 83,000 tuned into the daytime Channel 4 repeat (peaking at just under 100,000) according to a report on Bookseller.

A spokesperson for Channel 4 said: "We are pleased with the performance of 'The TV Book Club'. Not only are the viewing figures in line with expectations but the demographic is incredibly upmarket."
All books featured on the TV Book Club saw an increase, with the The Little Stranger, Juliet, Naked, Sacred Hearts all moving up the Top 50, while both Blacklands, and The Rapture moved into the Top 50.

Special retail deals, strong media coverage and additional stickers on the sleeves all seem to have had a further effect on sales of the 10 novels, with Sarah Waters and Nick Hornby, having seen the largest lift, selling just over half of the titles sold last week (a combined 31,092 copies).

However titles to enjoy significant stimulation in sales include Belinda Bauer's Blacklands, which saw an increase from sales of 2,843 in week ending 9th January to 5,125 in the week ending 16th January; Sarah Dunant's Sacred Hearts leapt from 4,177 to 6,759; and Liz Jensen's The Rapture from 2,785 to 4,368.

The entire list has now sold 160,636 since its publication; 104,663 in the last two weeks. Sales following the first show will not be available until next week... So far all we can say is: mission accomplished - book sales are positively heading uphill.

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