As you all have read Nat's latest postings, there's one where he told you something about a new short film he did starring Tom Hardy with Greg Williams directing. Greg Williams is a highly acclaimed photographer who's a newcomer in the movie business. You might like to have a closer look at his advertisement he did for Agent Provocateur (Love me tender... or else) a year ago.

His latest flick's title is Sergeant Slaughter (working title, still a slight chance for a different one). The pic I used here shows you a bit of the film set that was made for it. Info on this one is quite elusive, so I thought I'd better keep you posted a bit.

The plot circles around a young man called Dan who is a military obsessed twen. He's still living at home with his younger brother Keith and his parents. Dan was raised in a privileged middle class environment. Now it seems 'tho as if his only desire is to prove his toughness, so he secretly decides to join the French Foreign Legion. Keith, who looks up to his older brother is put into a difficult situation between the loyalty to Dan and his parents.

The movie was lensed in Berkshire in January 2010. The shoot is now finished. The film currently has a post-production status. I shall try my best to keep you updated on release dates etc.

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