lewis.jpgAs the actual broadcast dates haven't yet been officially announced by itv, ITV Studios Home Entertainment already advertises the latest series of Lewis to come out on a region two encoded DVD which is due to come out on May 24, 2010. In an interview Kevin Whately told his audience that the latest addition to this hugely successful TV series is due to be shown via UK TV station itv 1 "in April 2010".

This edition will have all four episodes with the titles: 1. Dark Matter, 2. Your Sudden Death Question, 3. Falling Darkness and 4. The Dead of Winter. The total running time is 360 minutes on four DVDs. You can now pre-order through amazon.co.uk or any other retailer you might prefer.

Please note that all given info is merely meant to inform you and is definitely subject to change upon the publisher's decisions.



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