cover_miw_usa.jpgJust a short hint for our North American fans. Malice In Wonderland is due to come on a region one encoded DVD on May 11, 2010 in the USA. The DVD release was formerly announced for April 27, 2010, but this obviously has been postponed.

It seems as 'tho that it will also have a limited theatrical release. I saw that there's going to be a screening in San Diego at the Gaslamp Theatre this very weekend. So that's good news for our folks down in California.

Malice In Wonderland is a modern version of the popular children’s story. And no, it's nothing like you've ever seen this one before. Maggie Grace plays our "under-the-influence" heroine. You won't find a PG-13 fairytale world here, Malice is thrown down the rabbit hole into a R-rated strange universe full of the craziest creatures around.

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Mentioned US DVD edition seems to lack extra goodies except for Spanish subtitles. Please mind that the UK version has some interviews and a "making of" added to the actual movie. The UK edition will only work with region free US DVD players, mind you. Please make sure to check this before you order. You can now pre-order with, or any other retailer in the USA you might prefer.

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