the-page-cannot-be-display.jpg "Yeah again, right?" I hear you scream. Really I'm not doing this out of pure boredom. The last major thing is actually 2.5 years ago. In virtual web-space that's aeons ago. OK, that's exaggeration. The system needs a thorough update and migration procedure - call it whatever you wish - there's loads to do.

And while I'm at it I'll also try excel in a re-do, trying to install a new layout and a few new things in order to make this site future-proof for the next two years or something near that. In short - I won't discontinue this site nor is it "going down for good". I'm simply sweating blood and tears backstage to improve things for you. So that's the good part of my news. Here comes the ugly down-side.

The site will be off-line from April 19th, 2010 for about two weeks since I'm not quite as fast as I used to be. After this rather "shortish" off-line time we'll be back better than ever before (hear-hear).

Unfortunately this down-time is necessary to update everything for better security and performance.There's heaps of data to be moved and code to be rewritten, so please don't be upset about this. Hopefully you'll find YOUR data once we're back on-line (coughs). I urge you to test everything after we're back and to please report broken stuff and non-working things to me via our contact page. Gosh I just hope at least this will work as expected. Thanks in advance for all contributions!

Here's hoping some of you will like the new site... it will yet again be a bit different from what you are used to. Sorry about that. There'll be a new forum software as well as some other new or re-invented goodies. Alright enough of my bragging, first I gotta make it work. 


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