ad_01The highly anticipated return of Lewis will begin with the episode called "The Dead of Winter" on Sunday, 2 May 2010 from 20:30 - 22:30 (GMT) via itv1.  Nat will be a guest-star in this starter episode. Series four of this hit drama sees Inspector Robbie Lewis (Kevin Whately) and his partner DS Hathaway (Laurence Fox) investigating more murder mysteries against the glorious backdrop of Oxford.

Joining  in is a star studded cast including series regulars Clare Holman and Rebecca Front and guest stars Sophie Ward, Alan Davies, Rupert Graves, Nathaniel Parker, Diana Quick, Robert Hardy, Timothy West, John Sessions, Niamh Cusack, Nicholas Farrell, Juliet Aubrey and Stella Gonet.


Regarding his character Nat explains: "It was very interesting playing Coleman because I'm normally the host on those things, having done 20-odd episodes of the Inspector Lynley Mysteries. To suddenly be in a Lewis was a very strange experience for me and so I thought 'what did all the people who came onto Lynley do'! You don't stand around getting the lines right slowly and figuring out all the other bits of the scenes which need to be figured out, which is sort of your responsibility if you're playing the lead. As a guest star you have to make a bold choice about your character, turn up knowing what you have to do and enjoy it. And I did - that's why I had a great time."

About his 'leading inspector' and the Lewis-team: "I think Kevin Whately is just fantastic and I'm glad they continued [the Morse concept] because it's a great team, from Chris Burt downwards. It's a team that's well oiled and it was, I think, great for them to get back to it after John Thaw died. We missed Morse when it finished. It was very bold to bring Kevin back and they very much continue in that Morse vein. People turn on Lewis and they know what they're going to get - it's a very thoughtful 'cop show', quintessentially an English production written by English people. The audience are going to see some lovely countryside, some very good actors and something that tests their intelligence a bit more than an hour of guns going off!"

The series comprises four new episodes – Dark Matter (written by Stephen Churchett), Sudden Death Question (written by Alan Plater), Falling Darkness and The Dead of Winter (both written by Russell Lewis).

Here's a synopsis on what to expect for this episode:

After the body of Dr Stephen Black is found on an Oxford tour bus, Lewis is surprised to learn that no-one remembers Black ever being on the bus. Sergeant Hathaway is tasked with retracing the sightseeing tour while Lewis visits Dr. Black's home and discovers an answer machine message from a Francis Woodville. Lewis is worried about his partner – Hathaway has been giving evidence at a murder trial in which he found the remains of a 10 year old girl.
At Crevecoeur Hall, a sprawling Oxford estate where Hathaway spent much of his own childhood as the son of the Estate Manager, Hathaway bumps into the glamorous Scarlett Mortmaigne, the daughter of the Marquess of Tygon and the owner of Crevecoeur. Scarlett flirts with Hathaway - they knew each other as children and clearly still hold a torch for one another. Visiting the house, Hathaway learns from August Mortmaigne, the current Marquess, that his nephew Philip Coleman was wounded during a recent Civil War re-enactment. He also learns that Scarlett is newly engaged.

Exploring the grounds, Hathaway meets the Estate Manager, Ralph Grahame, and his daughter Briony, who appears to be dating Augustus' son and heir Titus. Hathaway then moves onto the estate chapel where he comes across a briefcase hidden beneath a pew containing a bloody candlestick. The chapel key is also bloodstained. Dr Hobson confirms that the candlestick is consistent with Dr. Black's injuries, and takes away the key for analysis.

Returning to the main house, Lewis meets Augustus' butler Paul Hopkiss, who also remembers Hathaway as a child. He is every inch the doting servant. The following morning events take an unexpected twist when Briony finds her father dead from a shotgun wound to the head. Not only is Briony already self harming but her father's death is all the harder because he has cared for her as a single parent since her mother left seven years ago. When love letters from Ralph's ex-wife Linda are found at Dr Black's home it appears Ralph has committed suicide in remorse for having murdered Dr Black in revenge. But Lewis is not convinced. If Linda Grahame did run off with Dr Black, why has she not been heard from in years?

While Chief Supt. Innocent is convinced that the case is now closed, Lewis finally tracks down Francis Woodville and learns that she is an academic colleague of Dr Black. She explains that Black may have been interested in Crevecoeur due to the legend of the Mortmaigne treasure, which dates back to 1648.

Following a paper trail left by Dr. Black, Lewis becomes convinced that their victim had discovered the secret of the Mortmaigne treasure. Meanwhile Hathaway becomes more and more involved with Scarlett, despite her impending marriage. Augustus reveals that the family is financially ruined: if the treasure existed, would he really be forcing his daughter to marry into a rich Lebanese family purely for money, he bitterly argues?

On the night of Scarlett's engagement party, Lewis discovers that Hathaway has become emotionally involved with Scarlett and is forced to remove Hathaway from the investigation. Hathaway goes to the party, where he discovers the true author of Linda's love letters. When Dr Hobson reveals that a trace of corn starch was found on the blood covered chapel key, Lewis begins to put the pieces together and races to Crevecoeur Hall to find Hathaway. A truth buried for many years is about to be revealed, putting both detectives in grave danger.

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