What a wonderful Christmas surprise, especially for our audio enthusiasts! North by Northamptonshire - the award winning radio comedy series by Katherine Jakeways about the bitter-sweet adventures of the residents of a small market town will return to Radio BBC 4 from December 23, 2013 from 11:30 to 12:00 (GMT). Relationships have come and gone, but life still goes on, and Ken and Keith have a birthday to celebrate in the first part of the third series.

The second broadcast will be on December 30, 2013, same time slot. What's it all about? Against her better judgement, Jan has dinner with her ex-husband, and Mary and Jonathan have crossed wires.

The radio show stars  the regulars Sheila Hancock, Tim Key, Rufus Wright and Penelope Wilton. You can listen to the broadcasts on Mondays via the Live On Air channel or for seven days via the iPlayer Radio offer. The broadcast can be listened to internationally via the internet and your local device.

Please do note that all given info is meant to keep you up to date. Broadcast details might be subject to change, please check your local radio schedules.

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