Nat Parker has been cast as a king on the new ABC drama series Of Kings And Prophets. The series is written by Adam Cooper & Bill Collage. It is described as an epic Biblical saga of faith, ambition and betrayal as told through the eyes of a battle-weary king, a powerful and resentful prophet and a resourceful young shepherd on a collision course with destiny.

Nat will play the series regular role of the cagey, shrewd and lethal King Achish, the King of Philistia who has been warring with King Saul (Ray Winstone) for years.

This is one of at least two roles on the show that are being recast, Achish was played in the pilot by Mark Ivanir. Originally picked up for a fall launch on Sunday, Of Kings And Prophets was recently pushed to midseason to undergo retooling, including casting changes.

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