lovely warA brand new audio production is out - it's title is "Lovely War". It's a new book written by best-selling author Julie Berry and published by Penguin Random House Audio Publishing.

Lovely War is a beautiful historical fiction story.


The lush story begins during World War II when Greek goddess Aphrodite is put on trial by her husband Hephaestus. With the help of a few other Greek gods (Apollo, Hades, and Ares), she shares her two favorite love stories that she was a part of during World War I: that of Hazel and James and another between Colette and Aubrey.

This is what Nat says about his part “I read the part of Ares—always fun to play a God! I was genuinely surprised at the subtlety and strength of the writing. The truth of war is rarely approached with such honesty, which means it’s gruesomeness was refreshing. That’s quite a talent and a gift from the author to us. Not hearing the other readers is often a bit unnerving because you don’t know how you fit in, but you just trust the director and get on with it. Exciting.” There's also a sample of Nat's reading to listen to via this link.

The production is read by an ensemble cast:

“Aphrodite” Read by Jayne Entwistle
“Hades” Read by John Lee
“Apollo” Read by Dion Graham
“Ares” Read by Nathaniel Parker
“James Letters” Read by Steve West
“Hazel Letters” Read by Fiona Hardingham
“Dated Chapters” Read by Allan Corduner

The unabridged audio production is available for download via various US online stores like audible, apple books,, and google play. Please make sure to check with the stores.

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