Dear all, here's an exciting bit of news - Nat will be doing a reading as part of BBC Two's Hilary Mantel: Return to Wolf Hall which will be broadcast on March 7th, 2020 from 21:00 to 22:00 (GMT).

The show is a profile of author Hilary Mantel in the six months leading up to the publication of The Mirror and the Light, the final novel in her award-winning Tudor trilogy telling the story of the extraordinary rise and sudden fall of Thomas Cromwell. Hilary reveals why she embarked on the writing of the trilogy and how it has changed her life. She also delves into her past and how she grew up with a dark family secret.


Who could have imagined that Mantel’s working class anti-hero Thomas Cromwell would come to be so loved across the globe? Five hundred years after his death, the story of Cromwell’s extraordinary rise and sudden fall has been brought back into the light, drawing a vast readership, two Booker wins, a Bafta-winning television adaptation, a West End show and the interpretative gifts of some of the UK's greatest actors.

Intertwining the themes of the Wolf Hall trilogy - power, faith, kingship and Englishness - with stories from Hilary's own life, the film also explores how the world of Thomas Cromwell reverberates in our world today.

Hilary Mantel - Return To Wolf Hall follows the writer as she talks about how and why she embarked on the trilogy, and how the writing of it has changed her life. This is an artist’s biography in the characteristic style and voice of one of the most singular and brilliant minds of our age. We see Hilary Mantel - a writer at the peak of her powers - in both her real and imaginative worlds, led by the curiosity that has driven her from the beginning.

The readings will see some of the spectacular cast of the RSC production of Wolf Hall. This show is being directed by Ian Denyer and will be starring Shiloh Coke, Lydia Leonard, Ben Miles, Nathaniel Parker, Ian Denyer and Susan Jones.

Please do note that all given info is meant to keep you up-to-date and might be subject to change.

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