murder woreThe latest episode in the Mydworth Mysteries series is due to come out via online / streaming services from May 25, 2020. This one is "Murder wore a Mask" and it is the fourth in this series written by the author duo Matthew Costello and Neil Richards.

This production can be obtained via audible (streaming) and the publisher's website (download). The ISBN is 978-3-8387-9490-7 and the running time is 197 minutes.



Lavinia’s annual Masked Ball at Mydworth Manor is a highlight of the season, as locals mingle with the great and famous from London. But the lavish party comes to a full stop when one of the guests is found dead down by the lake. It seems it’s a clear case of a heart attack. But Harry and Kat suspect that the dead man in a mask was in fact the victim of a clever case of murder. And the killer’s work at the party is not yet done...

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