farosdaughterHere's some good news I got from a fan of Nat's audio work - thanks for that my dear! Georgette Heyer's audio dramatisation of Faro's Daughter will be released in a special collection by the BBC. The production of Faro's Daughter was originally realised via BBC Radio 4 in 1995.

It will be a streaming offer only and can be listened to via various online outlets like audible or google play. This release is a collection of four dramas written by Georgette Heyer and called "The Georgette Heyer BBC Radio Drama Collection". The complete running time for the collection is 375 minutes. The ISBN is 9781529127782. the released date is July 16, 2020.

Please note that all given info is subject to change and meant to keep you up-to-date.



Deborah Grantham’s position in a gaming house makes her utterly unsuitable as a wife for a nobleman, so Max Ravenscar determines to rescue his cousin from her clutches. But the bribe he offers does not go down well, and a battle of wits commences... Starring Sylvestre Le Touzel as Deborah Grantham and Nathaniel Parker as Max Ravenscar, with Anna Massey as Lady Bellingham.

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