bunburry sweet revengeNat's latest recordings for his current two audio series will soon be out via Bastei Luebbe's website for download or an other audio streaming service you might prefer. 

The Banburry stories are set in the cosy Cotswolds. Described as Miss Marple meets Oscar Wilde this audio series of mysteries is set in the picturesque village of Bunburry. Alfie McAlister is facing new adventures and mysteries in the latest instalments six to nine:


Bunburry - Sweet Revenge from November 27, 2020

Bunburry - Sheep Secrets due to be released on December 11, 2020

Bunburry - Deadlier than Fiction out on December 21, 2020

The Mydworth Mysteries series is written by the authors of the best-selling series Cherringham, Matthew Costello and Neil Richards. The stories are set in Sussex, England, 1929. Mydworth is a sleepy English market town just 50 miles from London... strange things happen here!

Mydworth Mysteries - Deadly Cargo the fifth episode is due to be published by November 27, 2020.

Mydworth Mysteries - Danger in the Air. Episode six will be out from December 11, 2020.12.2020.




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