Here's a message from "The Little Angle Theatre": From 1-8 December 2020 we are taking part in The Big Give's Christmas Challenge Campaign. Nathaniel Parker explains why your donations during this time will have such a big impact. Donate here.

We want to tour our puppet show, created in collaboration with Great Ormond Street Hospitals, to children in long term hospital care. The show will travel to their bedsides, opening up a world of excitement and imagination for vulnerable children, improving their isolation and wellbeing.



Every day thousands of seriously ill children arrive in hospitals across the UK. Many children spend a long time in children’s services at the hospital. They can feel scared and isolated, which can impact their wellbeing. We want to provide high quality, light relief, that can transport them - and their families - away from their illnesses, and provide hope and inspiration. The show is accompanied by an interactive app that enables them to connect with other children in similar situations.

In light of COVID, we are working on a totally digital version of the show. The impact of COVID on the mental health and well-being of children, not to mention those that are disadvantaged due to being hospital bound, is widely documented and we want to bring an uplifting and positive experience to these children. These changes will have a lasting legacy as there are always children that are too vulnerable to see the live show and will only be able to see it in a digital format.

We are grateful for the support of stage and screen actor Nathaniel Parker on this campaign.

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