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  • 10 Jul
    Mascherato The Musical All Day

    The audio recording of "Mascherato The Musical" is due to come out today via steeaming platforms With music and lyrics by Michael Elderkin, and book by James Willett, the musical is set to be released this Summer. Originally conceived by Elderkin in 2015, and following a successful workshop in 2017, the show has proven to be popular. The show has been transformed into a concept album. Whilst the story and dialogue has been abridged, it loses none of its initial magic and will, without doubt, leave listeners spellbound. Recorded with a West End cast (including Rob Houchen, Katy Treharne, Jeremy Secomb, and Nathaniel Parker), a chorus of twelve, and a 22- piece orchestra in Abbey Road Studios – this lush and colourful score will take you on a journey through the mystery and magic that resides within the twisted labyrinth of Venice. It will soon to be available on all streaming services (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc).

  • 16 Jul
    The Georgette Heyer BBC Radio Drama Collection All Day

    BBC Radio adaptations of three of Georgette Heyer’s sparkling Regency romances and a classic comedy thriller including Faro's Daughter with Nat. This production is from 1995 and was originally broadcast via BBC Radio 4. The acknowledged ‘queen of Regency romance’, bestselling author Georgette Heyer, also penned a dozen delightful mystery novels. Included here are dramatisations of four of her finest stories from both genres, full of her characteristic wit, charm and period detail. ISBN: 9781529127782 Length: 375 Minutes Available via audible and googeplay as well as many other online /streaming services

  • 19 Oct
    Malermeister Berg finaler Termin folgt noch All Day

  • 10 Jul - 20 Oct
  • 20 Oct - 23 Oct
  • 23 Oct - 24 Oct


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