It’s a culture that begins with a joke, a gesture, a throwaway word or a game between friends, and it ends in an act of violence.

Jo Mulligan is the first female master in her prestigious college’s history. Determined to create a space where everyone feels welcome, she starts dismantling old ways of working.

But an alarming incident on campus throws her tenure into turmoil, and Jo is pitted against Nikki, a student impatient for justice.

With the college polarised and both sides doubling-down, will anyone emerge unscathed?

Kendall Feaver follows her “funny, heart-breaking, acutely alive play” (The Guardian) The Almighty Sometimes, with a sharp new look at the ever-growing generational divide between activists. Directed by Polly Findlay (Assassins; Beginning), featuring a cast including Phoebe Campbell (House of the Dragon; The Importance of Being Earnest) and Lia Williams (Oresteia; Mary Stuart), Alma Mater will ignite discussion on the right way to make a difference. 

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