Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen, Clara Rugaard and Til Schweiger headline the cast of "Desperate Journey," a gripping thriller set in 1940s Paris, recently completed by Emblem Pictures. The film, scripted by Michael Radford and helmed by Annabel Jankel, promises a compelling narrative, a Variety report said.

"Desperate Journey" tells the story of Freddie Knoller, portrayed by Tønnesen, a young man who flees Vienna amidst escalating Nazi oppression. His gripping journey, recognized worldwide and honored by Queen Elizabeth, unfolds against the vibrant backdrop of Paris' burlesque scene. 

Joining the lead trio are Sienna Guillory, Steven Berkoff, Fernando Guallar, Hugo Spears, George Sear, Barney Harris, Niamh Cusack, Ed Stoppard, Nathaniel Parker, and Louis Ashbourne Serkis, adding depth to the narrative.

Director Jankel expressed her personal growth and admiration for the cast and crew's talent during the Budapest shoot. She praised Tønnesen's daily evolution into Freddie Knoller, a character she described as unique and compelling.

"Desperate Journey" marks the start of Emblem Pictures' ambitious trilogy, promising more compelling narratives in the future.

What is the premise of "Desperate Journey"?
"Desperate Journey" is based on the true story of Freddie Knoller, a young man fleeing Vienna during the rise of Nazi Germany, set in 1940s Paris. 


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