A short film written and directed by Atalanta Swire.

The Story

Ultimately this is a story about an enduring familial love between a father and daughter. It's a portrait of a young woman and her attempts to sustain it even though it has rendered her unable to access so much of herself, including her own rage.

The story is explored through the metaphor of a hug and how it can mean something so carefree and safe to one person and then something so loaded and almost collateral to another. 

A big reference for this film is Sean Durkin's 'The Nest' (2021) in the way that the house itself is used as a device; what goes on in the room next door, the things we see or choose not to see, and the fallout of those decisions.

The Production

This film is a micro-short, meaning the film will in fact only be about four minutes long, making it more likely to be included in festivals.

This will be the inaugural film of Great Dame Ltd - Directors of the company are; Atalanta Swire & Alice Swire. The film is co-produced by Carolina Cordero & Atalanta Swire.

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