I have tumbled headlong into the world of fund-raising and am having a very exciting time. I have been on various news programmes and TV sofas trying to raise money for the humanitarian crisis in Chad and Darfur. I went to Ascot today for the horse racing.

Last week, when in Chad, I knew I would be going to Ascot and I couldn't rationalise the two places without having a real go to bring one to the other. I think I managed to raise around £4,500. Not bad. I hope those who pledged will follow through. I had a plea in the Racing Post, our national racing paper, saying that I was available to anyone today if they paid for it. I met some very generous people and I thank them.

There was a piece in Saturday's Daily Telegraph about my going to Chad. It had a great big colour photo, and caught the eye of a very generous man who won a charity poker tournament that night and wrote a cheque for £16, 250. Not bad eh?

I was on GMTV this week with a bit of footage from my trip, but was told that I wasn't allowed to say on screen, "Please give money!" Weird I know, but apparently when I did on my previous visit to their sofa they were told off by OFCOM, our broadcasting regulator. I bit my tongue and got on with it, but after I left the set I found out that Gordon Brown was due to sit on the same sofa half an hour later.

I waited for him and when he arrived I made a point of going up to him and shaking his hand. To be honest I had no intention of mugging him. I just wanted to wish him well for the next week. Pretty big week for him as he becomes our new Prime Minister. Unfortunately for him he asked me what I was doing there. I told him. I'm on a strange wheel that when people ask me I can't help myself. At the end of my outpour he asked me to write down what I thought was needed. He took my paper and said he would make sure something was done by the end of the day.

Now admittedly it took an extra day, but on my way to Ascot today, one of his treasury secretaries called me and we began our dialogue. We need all the help we can get. You Da Man Gordon.

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