Our fabulous webmistress hasn't been feeling tip top recently, so I would just like her to know that we all wish her well, and hope that she bounces back to rude health a.s.a.p..

I notice that Saturday Kitchen has a plug here. Yes, I am putting taste buds on the line in a very good fun and light hearted show, but hoping too to get more air-time for the Chad / Darfur appeal. I am also dropping in on Classic FM and Smooth Radio on Monday, mid-morning I think. Do listen.

And in a week or two I head off to L.A. to take part in the premiere of Stardust. I keep hearing very good things about the film. I just hope my part is still in it! Other updates include a probable release for Fade To Black in the autumn, and the next two Lynley's are being shown 4th & 11th August. Definitely, probably, possibly, maybe. They had a repeat on here in the UK the other night and, I'm told, we got double the opposition! Not bad.

More soon & Get Well Jessika

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