That's right. I don't know why the Beeb are waiting to announce it. They have already announced that others are no longer being made and say they are considering axing Lynley too. They told me over a week ago.

I guess they are looking at cost cutting, which one would think meant cutting those shows that compete in the commercial world, (as opposed to those they have a real obligation to make through their charter) and fail financially. Hmmm. Could have sworn we have made them, and still are making them, quite a lot of money.


I have no sour grapes though. I think it is time, possibly has been for a while, for me to move on. Yes I have had a wonderful time making them and the people who I have been lucky enough to work with have been more than wonderful, but let's look for something a bit edgier now. My only two regrets would be not having done a wrap-up episode and not working with Sharon anymore.

Cue eulogy to Sharon, but actually, you all know how amazing I think she is, and I certainly hope she does. With any luck I will work again.

There are plenty of waves that will surge under the bridge at some point, but I have to say that I am really looking forward to finding a path that takes me in a new direction. More later.

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