And I am glad to say it was great fun. It has absolutely caught the genre and feel of the old movies, but in a totally modern, and even naughtier way. The premise is the same, school in trouble financially, and with the authorities and puts into plan some very clever way out. Rupert is fab at the headmistress and her brother, and the scenes with him and Colin are just fantastic. They actually hit a pathos that you really aren't expecting to see. If you're eagle eyed you'll catch my girls and even me. I kinda wish they'd cut that bit, and there's still hope because as I say, this is only the first cut.


I'm off to LA next week, but I am recording a book first. Dick King Smith's The Water Horse. He's such a fantastic writer. I feel quite privileged to get the chance. I may also soon be doing another Young Bond, but I don't know. The two main series of books I've read, Artemis Fowl and Young Bond don't ever seem to be anywhere on the shelves. The only versions I ever see are the abridged ones by Adrian Dunbar and Charlie Higson. It's quite a much longer job doing the whole one, but for the same amount of pay and then shops like Waterstone's don't seem to carry them, only the abridged. I'm slightly bemused.

Never mind. I am going to LA for a couple of meetings a, but mostly so I can go to Rob Minkoff's wedding to the gorgeous Crystal. He directed me in Haunted Mansion, and whenever we are roughly in the same continent we try to see each other. Rob is possibly the most intelligent person I've ever met, and to be asked to read at his wedding is very very special to me.

Then I fly back and almost straight off to Marseilles for the quarter finals of the Rugby Word Cup. Heaven. What a lucky jet-setting couple of weeks ahead. My main regret in not staying longer in LA is that I will miss Rivers Rutherford playing on 6th Oct. I am well cross about that. I still listen to his music at some point just about every day. Such beautiful sentiments and sensibilities. Anyway, guys, I do hope you're all having a good time, and not finding the night's closing in too fast.

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