My Goodness, what a year. It has been a year of huge ups and downs, and ups again. The ups you may find weird, but I have to say my trip to Chad was such an eye-opening experience, that hadn't come near my radar at the beginning of the year. Of course it was harrowing and sleepless and disgusting in many ways, but the women out there, both the aiders and the aided, are a shining example to all.Then there was Lynley as an experience. Terrific last show. I know you guys wont have seen it yet and I have no idea when the powers that be on the Beeb plan on showing it, but it was a great one to end on. And the shuffling off of that particular cloak has also been a very positive development. I am finding it hard to break the mould here, but I have no fear about it. It makes me realise just mercurial the whole game is, and how lucky I was to have a show like that, and how surprising the pitfalls can be. 

I have been asked to visit Holland for a presentation of a petition of 17,000 signatures, asking to save Lynley. I will of course try to make it. However I would like to underline that I am not trying going to sign it. I am terribly flattered though and being an actor will of course love the attention. I don't know the date yet, but, as I say, if free I will come. If any of you are keen to have the show back, I have to say it is very unlikely indeed. Thank you so much for all the people from around the world who have signed various petitions.

Downs this year been both on the personal front, and on the professional  front. However on both fronts I am finding it easier to see my way through and indeed, without being a revisionist and re-writing history, seeing the positive sides. We are only on this planet for a comparatively short time, so let's not fight and let's not fret. Without negating responsibility, let's take life as it comes for all the woes and all the joys together. 

OK, sermon over. I want to finish by telling you two things, no make that three.

Firstly, I read at a carol concert recently for the Mission To Seafarers. Uplifting as the experience was in itself, I met a couple of people I was very glad to meet, Princess Anne and your very own webmistress, Jessika. Princcess Anne, I have always admired as someone who gets on and does things. She was born fortunate, or unfortunate, depending on your view, but she has used her circumstance to everyone's advantage, not just her own. Big fan. And Jessika. Well, you have heard me eulogise about our webmistress before and you shall again I am sure. She has been enormously helpful in so many ways.

Secondly, although nothing is set in stone yet, I am getting ready to be in a play. It may not be until spring, but I am feeling confident that it will happen, with an old friend at the helm. But let's wait and see. I won't say any more just in case it doesn't happen, but I am looking forward to the prospect.

Finally, the third thing I was going to say is THANK YOU. You are my audience and when you contribute or just visit this site, I feel flattered and grateful. Over a million hits is quite impressive and I wish all of you out there a HUGE AND HAPPY CHRISTMAS.

Love and positive thoughts,


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