I hope all is well with everybody. I thought I had better update you an a fun development for me, which is that I am starting filming a Lewis tomorrow.  I was initially a little worried that people would find it a strange, but I am playing a retired Lieutenant Colonel, not a visiting inspector. I am thrilled to be working with Kevin again, and I have heard nothing but lovely things a bout Lawrence Fox. I also get to work with a lot of old comrades. So I look forward to it very much. I even get a chance to ride! Yipee! I don't think I have to fall off this time, but I can't be sure.

Then off to LA for the Breeder's Cup. Can't wait for that. If any of you are having a bet, I think you could do worse than Gayego in the Sprint on Saturday. The stable has been in unstoppable form, but I wouldn't dream of giving an official tip! I should be doing that again in December with William Hill Radio. Respect and hope to all.


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