Zenyatta at the Breeder's Cup. Amazing. I only, rather selfishly, wish I had also seen Sea The Stars in his last race. Because this now rates as the most stunning race I have ever witnessed live. The whole day was magnificent. I was surrounded by the crème de la crème of racing, and was suitably impressed. Everyone I met was lovely and friendly and helpful, and the tension mounted throughout the day until that last wonderful race. This was not a day of profit, I have to say. Gayego was my biggest bet and apologies all for not getting that right, but I would have paid twice as much just for the privilege of being there. Then back to the hotel where all the major players were staying. I have to just say a quick word about Frankie Dettori...  Heaven. OK, enough with the eulogies, Nat! Except that it is a day that will live long in my memory.

Now back to London and LEWIS on which I am having a great time. Many familiar faces and many new. All a delight to work with, and yes it does feel a bit strange being a guest rather than a host, but I couldn't be made to feel more welcome.  And then there's more....

I am going to be doing the Xmas special of My Family. What a treat. I am quite nervous actually, because it's not a format I have worked in before, but I also have to admit, that I have always wanted to, and Zoe and Robert are two of the very best in my book.

Squeezed in is a very important date, The Salvation Army Christmas Carol Concert at the Royal Albert Hall, on the 29th November. Another fantastic thing to be involved in. I think that does it for the moment. My basket is full. My excitement levels are full to bursting, and  I feel luckier than ever. Phew.  Love and luck to all.  Nat

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