This weekend I am going to be reading at the Royal Albert Hall in a carol concert. This is being run by the Salvation Army. How exciting is that! I have never performed there before, and am more than a little nervous. I think it's one of the most extraordinary arenas, and for a very strong and worthy cause.

Extending the charity bit, I am also spending a day next week on the radio publishing the amazing work of Concern UK. This is the charity that took me to Chad a couple of years ago. I am not sure of which radio channels, when, but listen out.

At this point I may have to mention the rather wonderful girls school of St. Mary Calne, and in particular Gina and Harriet, who have their eyes set on the prize. Well done you two. Peace.

There is a fun announcement next week everyone about something new for me. I'll keep you all posted. Bye for now.

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