I went to a showing of Malice In Wonderland this afternoon. And I have to say, I loved it.

Simon Fellows, the director, has done a great job, on a complete shoestring of a budget. It's exciting from the word go and doesn't stop. It's as tho' you are Alice, but you get to see it from lots of angles. Maggie Grace is terrific in it, as is Danny Dyer. In fact everyone gives great performances, the whole lot of them, and they are all terrifically well cast by my lovely friend Alex Johnson. I haven't even told her yet how good it is. I have just got back and thought I would let anyone out there who cares that we do have a good film. Now I hope we get good distribution.

I think we need a serious word of mouth campaign to get this going. The trailer is on this website, thanks to the persuasive (& technical) skills of our lovely webmistress Jessy. Hats off to Chris the cameraman too, he's done a unusual job. A marvellous job with very little. Simon was 12 years in the making with this film and as he has cracked it I think. I really hope you all like it. And I can report a successful Saturday with the NCYPE. They raised a lot of money and I hope they had as much fun as I did. Karen and Analise, who ran the day, were wonderful and quite inspiring. The students were amazing and moving. I was honoured to be a part of it.

So there you are 2 great fun things to report. And just to keep you posted, Land Girls is rolling along. It is a tight shoot, but everyone is working away very hard. I am afraid I am a bit if a part timer, but hey ho.

Good luck with Ascot everyone!

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