I thought I had posted the other day to say what fun I had on my birthday at the read through for Land Girls, but I guess I must have pressed the wrong button and erased it. Sorry about that. Typical me always trying to do too many things at once.

ANYWAY,  I did have a terrific time over my birthday. It seemed to last over week. And now I must prepare for my close friend's birthday weekend. Oh yes, and work on Monday.

Things are pretty hectic right now, so much so that I was texted yesterday by a friend asking what time I am on GMTV today. I had completely forgotten. I am about to leave, the car is waiting, so off I go. I am sorry if anyone wanted more notice. I am pushing Flawless DVD. It had a pretty poor release which I think belied the quality of the film, but that seems to happen a lot, e.g.: Fade To Black!  Better go. 

Thanks all who sent me stuff, messages and cards and pressies. Very grateful.

Nat x

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