Have to tell that I have just agreed on a new job. LAND GIRLS with the BBC. I think it's a lovely script and with any luck we will have a good cast. Set in the forties during the war, it is not an adaptation of the book then film of a few years ago. This is a piece in it's own right. The girls till my land, well my wife's land actually. Lots of drama and hopefully lots of fun.

I haven't watched the CBS film yet, but I am very grateful for all the kind words. I responded to some of the questions and comments the other day, and I hope some of you may have read that I was lucky to have been in it at all. I know it's possibly the smallest appearance, but I enjoyed shooting it and as long as the roles are truthful I am happy.

I will let everyone know more as I learn it on this new job. And I am also beginning to get some birthday cards already. 21 again eh? Fantastic! Thanks for that all. Gotta go now.

Almost Forgot

Tomorrow I am on Richard and Judy AGAIN, doing another book club appearance... this one will be broadcast the following day, so that should be May 13th.

You get to see the brand new haircut!

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