What a relief, spring is here. The garden is looking gorgeous and the blossom is out. I have been back in London for a few weeks now, and glad to be so. I had a terrific time out in LA, but it's been good to get back to the base. Work is on the way, tho I am not announcing anything yet, because as ever I don't like to believe until I am on set. There is a bit around again though, which is good.

I had a fun time at the Book Awards the other night. Sadie Jones is a fab date. I was probably more disappointed her not winning than she was. Sebastian Faulks was amazing gracious in winning, admitting how Sadie deserved it really, after all she created her main character, whereas he copied his.

I sat next to the legend that is Jerry Springer. Looking forward to seeing him in Chicago later in the year. Dara O'Brien, well he's just as good as can be isn't he? Altogether a great evening. I thank Richard and Judy for asking me to do the voice over.

As for the Grand National, Damn and blast, I didn't find the winner this year, but on the last race, I managed to unearth a 270-1 winner. Phew! I may pop over to Punchestown for the festival. Silk Hall may well run there.

As for work, I will probably say what I am doing next after Easter. Happy Easter Everyone.

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