Hello All,

I am sorry not to have been in touch for such a long time. All sorts of things have been happening in the Parker life, but here I am again with some news.

I am about to start a new job called Injustice. It is to be filmed over the next couple of months, with most of my bits being done in our capital. Of course, as I am no longer an inhabitant of London, that means I have to find a park bench to stay on. Ah well, perhaps someone will let me stay on a sofa somewhere. It's a very, very well written thriller that will be shown over 5 days. I do think that is a good format, altho' I can think of one that I thought suffered from being too drawn out. You have to have a very strong story and finish to sustain 5 consecutive days, and I believe this is. Anthony Horowitz has penned it, and James Purefoy will be playing the main part, and lovely Dervla Kirwan is his wife in it.

After that I have frustratingly little news about my horse racing documentary that I am trying to get off the ground. It's such a fantastic and unique idea, but I will get my head out of the sand soon and give it some determined driving. On the charity front, I find myself a little inundated. I have a fantastic Race day at Lingfield lined up, trying to raise some money for the fantastic NYCPE based just down the road from the track. I am in awe of Karen Deacon and her team who run the place. If anyone is around in the area, you'll be sure to have a great fun day if you pop along. If you do, please come up to me and I will try to give you a winning tip, tho' I do have to remind people NEVER to bet with money they can't afford to lose, and believe me my tips have been known to lose as well as win!As we gear up to the darker months and reflect on how ridiculously lucky we are compared to those poor flood victims, who will soon have even more horrible cold conditions to deal with, please don't forget to go to the Concern Worldwide website to donate to that crisis.

I have also just been asked to appear and possibly host a ball NEXT September, for the now famous Debbie's Fund, Debbie Phillips Cervical Cancer Research Trust. This fund came to prominence as Debbie died earlier this year and Sarah, her daughter recorded Paolo Ntini's Autumn for her. It is a wonderfully moving story that is well documented now. If you need to catch up and would like a good weep and wail (put half an hour aside) you can log on to www.debbiefund.org to find out more. We will need to sell tickets for the ball and I am told it will be first come first serve when the tickets  become available. I will let you know when that is.

As for me, well, living in the country is what I should have been doing long ago really. So far whenever I have visited the big smoke, it has lived up to it's name, smokey, smelly, dirty and eugh. I do love it tho'. Born and bred Notting Hill Gate me, and you'll never find me doing a St Peter and denying. But fields and mist and birdsong instead of the North Circular for the school run, bliss!

Speak soon.

Nat  x

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