Having done the voice-over and then presented a dagger at the ITV Crime Thriller Awards, I felt buoyed about going onto film Injustice. It made me realise how close my first day of filming is. Eek, only a few days to go before I do my first bit. I hear it has been going very well. The script is a cracker, so let's hope we don't do it an injustice!  That was a great fun night, and I think the broadcast was very good. They did cut a couple of laughs that Marcus and I had. I thought he was top notch. Somehow I do have to shed the "Posh" references, they keep coming, but I guess it's all in the casting (& the voice ). I am not going to turn down a good part just because it's posh, but more of the Malice roles would be exciting.

I hope everyone is well out there, and doing their bit for those who need it. I would like to congratulate the NCYPE team for such a grat day. What a shame it rained so much but the generous people who came and contributed, made it a bright time. Marvellous. I am heading down to Fontwell on 5th Nov for another charity day, this time for Great Ormond Street Hospital. I am hosting it, whatever that means. I hope it'll  be grand. I would like to ask tho' that if some of you are able to make, which is always great, please give me the space to do what I have to do. Thanks, and I really don't deserve the presents that come my way, please buy some of those clever Concern WorldWide cards, and give someone a boost. Thank you. I will update you with any more news when it happens, and once I've started shooting.  Ciao for Now.

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