Hello all.  I am just going into my last night's shooting of Injustice. It has been enormously good fun, and frustrating at the same time. The fun is sort of self evident. I love being on set and the cast & crew have excelled themselves. Many of the crew I have worked with before, but not too many of the cast. One or two like John McGlynn have been typically terrific, but this has also been my frustration. I have had little interaction with some of the cast.

Dervla Kirwan, Charlie Creed-Miles & Obi Abili are just three of the fab actors I wish I was actually working with, rather than appearing with. James is going to shine in this and Jayne Wisener is someone you'll all see a lot more of I should think, she's a surprise package. But, it's all over now, or will be in a few hours time. Next year is a bit of a blur at the moment, work-wise. There are a couple of fun possibilities, but que sera, sera.I have heard from Paula van der Oest about The Domino Effect which we filmed last year about this time. As she said the news is slightly frustrating. There has been a bit of money and footage haggling that has held her up in finishing the picture. I am sure she will get it done soon. She is a hell of an operator and I can't imagine many can resist her for long!

Oops, just got my call to go on set - Byeeeee.

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