I did a wee bit more ADR today on the show and I have to say there are some wonderfully funny bits in it.  Both Serena & Beryl, our producers were there and Neil & Sarah and, of course, Nick Hurran.  I have to say what a huge fan of Nick's I have become.  He directed A Class Apart some years ago, & I know it wasn't his easiest experience, but as you know I think this is terrific, & he also directed the fantastic Dr Who series opener last week.  I caught up with it on I-player.

Now there's a show. Just about everyone I have ever met who has anything to do with that show, from Stephen Moffatt to the props boys all love it. It's hard work, but they do have one of the best shows around. Long may it continue. That, Sherlock & now Me & Mrs Jones put Hartswood at the top of the independent tree.    

Thank you Ellie Gillett from the race at Newmarket the other day, yes I did get my bag back. The very nice course doctor dropped it off for me at my hotel I am about the most forgetful bozo on the planet sometimes. I even forgot to bet on Tindaro the other day when he WON!!!!! Obviously without me on board! I thank everyone there that day. They helped enormously, & yes Ellie I do remember you.    

I am glad there are some of you reading the Chief Inspector Gamache books. Odd to compare him or the author to Elizabeth. I struggle to find too many comparisons. It seems to me they are very different writers. I am a lucky man being given a chance to to do this, but I don't think, at least I hope, that people don't find him a Canadian version of Lynley, because he isn't. In the meantime, you will have to wait a little longer for the comedy, but not too long.  I have a feeling we can't be too far off, and then the DVD will follow on after it. Yippee!  

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